First session:

You will develop more insight in what you do, how you think, and what you feel during the first session. Guided by questions you will create more awareness around the struggles you are facing, you will find out what direction you wish your life will progress in and you will discover how to get there. The techniques we use are all specified in the explanation of the sessions. By the end of the session, we will schedule a follow-up appointment (if necessary).

Investment: €150,-
All our prices include tax.
This session will last as long as necessary, on average it takes 1,5 hours

Follow-up sessions:

During a follow-up session we will address the necessary topics with more depth. Depending on your needs we will design a program that fits your wishes. This could mean anything between resolving your deepest fear and experiences to a boosting life coach conversation. The techniques we use are all specified in the explanation of the sessions.

Investment: €220,-
All our prices include tax.
This session will last as long as necessary, on average it takes 2 hours.

Package deal at Laurentius Coaching:

Het is ook mogelijk om in één keer 3 sessies af te nemen. Investering €600,- (incl. BTW), totaal krijgt u €60,- korting.

Of kies voor een traject van 5 sessies. Investering €950,-
(incl. BTW), totaal krijgt u €150,- korting.

Langere trajecten zijn mogelijk in overleg.

The sessions are scheduled every 4 weeks and must be paid in advance. Please contact us if you are interested.

Explanation of the sessions:

Life coaching:

Your personal and professional life will be fully explored, and you will be able to reshape these during the Life Coaching. You will discover how to give more meaning to all different aspects in your life, what talents and passions you already have and how to live a full, happy, and meaningful life.

Conscious hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is more than just a ‘normal’ conversation. Guided by questions you will gain more perspective on your thoughts and patterns. You will acquire the skill to change the habits that no longer fit your desired lifestyle and you will learn how to develop positive thoughts and patterns within your brain. Resulting in you feeling calm and more balanced.

Subconscious hypnotherapy:

We will choose a topic to address during the hypnotherapy. You will be fully aware of your surroundings and, unlike some people think, you will know what has happened and said during this type of session. We will imprint a positive suggestion related to your topic into your subconscious brain, the moment your brain accepts these suggestions you will find yourself to have a better mindset and it will be easier to make discissions and instead of freezing because of fear or stress, you will be able to take the desired action. The topic will be selected based on what you wish to change or whatever you find challenging.


Past trauma’s and/or negative experiences can be overcome during a subconscious hypnotherapy session. Reliving and expressing yourself in these moments will create a better flow of energy in your body as your blockages will dissolve. Because of this acceptance you will no longer experience negativity from the past.


Illumination is an energetic releasing technique which finds its origin in the Shamanism. It means enlightenment. During this session we will make our way to your deepest feelings. You will learn to accept and let go of any negative load they might have. Everything you would rather not think of, you do not wish to feel or you do not want to confront will now be a peaceful and safe memory from your past. After this session you will feel free and energetic!