General Terms and Conditions Laurentius Coaching


Here you will find the General Terms and Conditions that apply to the products and services provided by Laurentius Coaching.

Laurentius Coaching, established at Wieken 85, 1633 GV Avenhorn, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 83050450.

In the general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
– Maurice Laurentius Wallenburg: Laurentius Coaching company, acting as an independently established coach/therapist;
– Client: the person to whom the coach/therapist provides advice and guidance or his legal representative;
– Customer: the business relationship that participates in a coaching session, coaching trajectory, training, course, program, clinic, seminar, the (online) community;
– Practice address: the location where the coach/therapist's practice is practiced;
– Doctor: the general practitioner or specialist who referred the Client to the coach/therapist.
Laurentius Coaching provides advice to the Customer/Client at the practice address specified as such, unless mutually agreed otherwise. The Customer/Client will be immediately informed of any change to the practice address.

a. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every legal relationship between, on the one hand, a consumer (Client) or a business relation (Customer) who participates in a coaching session, coaching trajectory, training, course, program, clinic, seminar, the community.
b. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every product and service of Laurentius Coaching.
c. Both by purchasing a product or service, as well as by participating in it, the Buyer/Client declares to agree with the General Terms and Conditions.
d. These General Terms and Conditions will only be left inapplicable in whole or in part if deviated from in writing.
e. Laurentius Coaching may change these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. The latest version is always the current version and is available on the Laurentius Coaching website ( The General Terms and Conditions can be provided online upon request.
f. If a provision, or part of a provision, in these General Terms and Conditions (1) conflicts with a decision, law, regulation, treaty or European directive, (2) is deemed unreasonably onerous, or (3) on the basis of any decision, law, regulation, treaty or European directive is null and void, only the null or nullified provision or the void or nullified part of a relevant provision will not apply, and Laurentius Coaching is allowed to apply a replacement provision that is legally is permissible and corresponds as much as possible with the purport and content of the (partially) void or voided provision.
g. The Buyer/Client enters into the agreement in the capacity of a company when the product or service of Laurentius Coaching relates to training, coaching, facilitating and/or guiding coaches. In that case, the Buyer/Client cannot invoke consumer law and does not enjoy protection such as the right of withdrawal.
h. Laurentius Coaching has the right to refuse a potential Buyer/Client without stating reasons.
i. Laurentius Coaching reserves the right to deny access at all times, without further statement of reasons.

Laurentius Coaching can advise and guide the Customer/Client both on a personal basis and on the basis of referral by a doctor. In the latter case, Laurentius Coaching will keep the referring doctor, if applicable, informed of the guidance. Data of the Purchaser/Client will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the Purchaser/Client itself and of the doctor. If you use our services, you agree to the processing of your personal data and audio and/or video recordings of sessions for the performance of the service you have requested.

a. An agreement between Laurentius Coaching and the Buyer/Client arises through an agreement between both parties, which agreement must be apparent from the (online) registration of a Buyer/Client. After the agreement has been concluded, the Customer/Client will receive an email for the registration system and/or intake form and, if applicable, certain parts of the Laurentius Coaching website.
b. For Laurentius Coaching, obligations arise from an agreement after the Buyer/Client has fulfilled all its obligations, including payment.
c. Changes to an agreement once concluded are only possible with the prior written consent of Laurentius Coaching. Amendments to an agreement may entail costs for a Buyer/Client.
d. Depending on the purchased program, an agreement between Laurentius Coaching and a Buyer/Client may consist of: 1. A coaching session or coaching trajectory. 2. A clinic that entitles you to participate in a clinic, workshop or presentation for a certain period of time. 3. An (online) program, course and/or education, which entitles you to receive (online) information, knowledge and skills for a certain period of time. 4. A subscription, which comes in several variants:
e. Gain and maintain monthly access to the Laurentius Coaching community. ii. A maintenance program by Laurentius Coaching. iii. Complete program with 1-on-1 coaching, training and matching access in the community.
f. A Customer/Client can replace a subscription/route at any time with a higher subscription/route. Replacing a subscription/route with a lower subscription/route is only possible towards the end of the term of the relevant subscription. In the case of an annual subscription, the new subscription has a duration of at least one year. The old subscription will expire on the effective date of the new subscription.

a. A subscription, trajectory, program, education, course, clinic or any other form of service or product provided by Laurentius Coaching is personal and non-transferable.
b. A subscription, trajectory, program, education, course, clinic or any other form of service or product provided by Laurentius Coaching has a limited validity. The individual validity is stated when purchasing the program. This can also be requested by the Buyer/Client at If the validity has expired, the Buyer/Client can no longer claim this.
c. If the Customer/Client has taken out a subscription or trajectory that includes a one-time purchase, and the Customer/Client has already paid for a one-time purchase at an earlier or later stage, this will not be settled.
d. The validity of a subscription or trajectory is not suspended if a Buyer/Client makes a one-off purchase from Laurentius Coaching during its term.
e. A fixed-term subscription can be canceled at any time towards the end of the subscription and subject to a notice period of one month, counting from the day on which the agreement between both parties was concluded.
f. A subscription for an indefinite period can be canceled at any time with due observance of a notice period of one calendar month. Mail to for this.

a. Before the start of the treatment, Laurentius Coaching will inform the Client/Buyer orally or in writing of the applicable rates. These rates are exclusive of VAT or other statutory levies if and insofar as they should be calculated, unless stated otherwise.
b. Laurentius Coaching is entitled to implement price increases if and insofar as unforeseen price-increasing circumstances occur after the agreement has been concluded.
c. Laurentius Coaching relies on the fact that a rate change can take place on January 1 of each calendar year.
d. Price increases do not affect subscriptions or routes that have already been taken out for a definite period of time, nor do individual services or products already purchased that are not subscriptions or routes.
e. Payment to Laurentius Coaching must be made in cash, via the online payment system or by bank transfer. The Buyer/Client will receive an invoice for the services provided. The Customer/Client must have paid the invoice prior to the service or otherwise in accordance with the payment term agreed in writing. If every thirty days is exceeded, Frank Heddes is entitled to increase the invoice amount by € 25.00 in administration costs.
f. If the invoice has not been paid sixty days after the date, Laurentius Coaching is entitled to charge statutory interest on the amount owed with retroactive effect from the first day of indebtedness, as well as all costs related to the collection of the relevant claim, including expressly also includes costs for collection by a collection agency and judicial costs.
g. With due observance of the applicable legislation, a Buyer/Client owes Laurentius Coaching all costs incurred by Laurentius Coaching, or a third party engaged by Laurentius Coaching, for the collection of any amount that a Buyer/Client owes to Laurentius Coaching.
h. Laurentius Coaching has the right to suspend the execution of its obligations if a Buyer/Client has not fulfilled its obligations in time.

a. The Customer/Client can cancel the purchased service or product free of charge within 14 days of registration, as long as the delivery of the service or product has not yet started. After that, the Buyer/Client can no longer cancel and no refund is possible. The payment obligation therefore remains in force.
b. The Buyer/Client can only cancel by e-mail. This email should be sent to
c. The burden of proof for the correct and timely execution of the cancellation rests on the Customer/Client.
d. If the Buyer/Client is unable to be present at the practice address on the agreed date and time, he must inform Laurentius Coaching of this as soon as possible. If the Buyer/Client notifies Laurentius Coaching within 24 hours before said time that he is unable to attend, or does not provide such notification, Laurentius Coaching is entitled to charge the costs for the relevant service to the Buyer/Client. With regard to appointments on a day following a Sunday or on one or more recognized public holidays, the said 24-hour period is deemed to start at 6 p.m. on the last previous normal working day. With regard to an ordinary Monday, the period therefore starts at 6 p.m. on the preceding Friday.
e. Laurentius Coaching has the right to suspend agreed services if circumstances beyond its control or of which Laurentius Coaching was not or could not have been aware at the start of the service to be provided or due to illness, is temporarily prevented from fulfilling obligations. . If the fulfillment becomes permanently impossible, the agreement can be dissolved for that part that has not yet been fulfilled. In that case, neither party is entitled to compensation for the damage suffered as a result of the dissolution.

a. The intellectual property of all material provided by Laurentius Coaching is and remains of Laurentius Coaching and may not be transferred. The material may not be reproduced or distributed in any way. The Customer/Client may also not share personal login codes and/or passwords with third parties.
b. All expressions of the Buyer/Client will automatically become the intellectual property of Laurentius Coaching. Please note: it is not allowed to post content via Laurentius Coaching that can be considered unlawful, racist, discriminatory and/or obscene.
c. The Customer/Client will use the community, website, or any other communication source of Laurentius Coaching for explicitly unauthorized commercial expressions. d. The Buyer/Client respects the intellectual property of Laurentius Coaching.
d. Laurentius Coaching retains at all times all rights to advice, plans, documents, images and/or the related information and knowledge, even if costs have been charged for this or improvements have been made afterwards, whether or not at the request of the Buyer/Client. The items referred to in the previous sentence may not be copied in whole or in part without the written permission of Laurentius Coaching, other than for internal use at the Customer/Client, nor made available or disclosed in any other way, nor made available by the Customer/Client. used or made available other than for the purpose for which they were provided by Laurentius Coaching.

a. Participation by the Buyer/Client in any service and/or product of Laurentius Coaching is at your own risk
b. Laurentius Coaching, its employees and hired workers are not liable for personal injury and/or damage to property of the Customer/Client to or during a (random) training, course, service and/or other product.
c. Laurentius Coaching is also not liable for possible damage caused by other services or advice from Laurentius Coaching, its employees or hired employees.
d. Laurentius Coaching is not liable for any injury or other damage that a Customer/Client may incur during, or as a result of, a product and/or service of Laurentius Coaching. Advice is always without obligation and is followed at your own risk.
e. Laurentius Coaching is not liable for damage and/or loss of personal property for whatever reason, arising during or after a training, product or service induced by Laurentius Coaching.
f. A Buyer/Client must assess himself/herself whether he/she/it is suitable for participation in a training course, product or service
g. Laurentius Coaching reserves the right, at its discretion, to exclude unsuitable participants from participating in a product, service and/or program.
h. Laurentius Coaching is not insured for damage suffered by a Buyer/Client. A Buyer/Client, contract partner or other party declares that it is insured for damage suffered as a result of participation in a product and/or service.
i. The Buyer/Client therefore unconditionally and irrevocably waives its right to compensation for any direct or indirect damage (whether from an agreement or unlawful act) that has arisen, arises or will arise in connection with participation in a product and/or service. .
j. The advice and/or guidance of the coach/therapist is by its nature result-oriented without guaranteeing that result. The coach/therapist excludes any liability with regard to damage or injury or illness arising from or related to the follow-up by the Customer/Client of advice provided by Laurentius Coaching, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Laurentius Coaching. .
k. On the understanding that compensation is only eligible for damage for which Laurentius Coaching is insured. In doing so, the following restrictions must be observed. Business damage, loss of income and the like, regardless of the cause, are not eligible for compensation. Laurentius Coaching is never liable for damage caused by intent or gross negligence by third parties. If Laurentius Coaching's insurer does not pay out for whatever reason, Laurentius Coaching's liability will at all times be limited to a maximum of twice the rate of one consultation. Laurentius Coaching is not responsible or liable for the consequences of incorrect information arising from an unknown and/or concealed health aspect.
l. By accepting advice and guidance from Laurentius Coaching, the Customer/Client has taken note of these general terms and conditions and the Customer/Client is aware that Laurentius Coaching is not a doctor, medical specialist or recognized medical care provider and therefore does not offer medical care such as a GP, specialist or other regular care providers.
m. That the Customer/Client is aware that this work is complementary to recognized care disciplines. Laurentius Coaching sessions do not replace the treatments of a doctor and/or specialist. That the Customer/Client has been informed that the sessions of Laurentius Coaching can never contain diagnoses and that diagnoses can only be made by a regular doctor and/or specialist of the Customer/Client.
n. That the Buyer/Client has understood that the services of Laurentius Coaching are accepted by the Buyer/Client on a voluntary basis, without guarantees.
o. The Customer/Client has been clearly informed by Laurentius Coaching that the Customer/Client will not stop with her medical treatment(s) or prescribed medication, without the supervision of her treating general practitioner, doctor and/or specialists.
p. The Customer/Client understands that coaching, Laurentius Coaching, IEMT treatments are not a substitute for medical care or mental healthcare. q.
q. That the Customer/Client will continue or omit any current medical treatment, including medicines, under its own responsibility and that the Customer/Client understands that Laurentius Coaching cannot and will not give advice with regard to taking or stopping medicines.

a. Your privacy is very important to us. Laurentius Coaching does its utmost to protect your data. In order to be able to provide services to you and to guarantee our services to you, we do need a number of personal data from you. Laurentius Coaching processes this personal data because you use our services and/or because you provide it to us yourself. This also applies to audio and video recordings of, among other things, sessions. Laurentius Coaching uses this information for the following purposes: i. Providing and billing our services; ii. Sending our newsletters; provided you have registered for it; iii. Processing your order and informing you about its progress; iv. Storage of customer data in our database, in order to be able to execute the agreement between you and Laurentius Coaching; and to comply with legal retention periods, such as, for example, the fiscal retention obligation; v. Taking measures to improve the service; vi. The provision of information or offers;
b. If you wish, you can request all the information that Laurentius Coaching has in and gain insight into this. You can request information about this during your visit to our practice. There is no accessibility of others and you also have no access to the files of others.
c. Laurentius Coaching respects the privacy of its Customer/Client and ensures that the personal and/or trusted information provided and/or obtained (the data) is treated confidentially.
d. The employees and/or hired workers of Laurentius Coaching and third parties engaged by it are obliged to respect the personality and/or confidentiality of the data.
e. Although Laurentius Coaching takes the greatest possible care in the composition and maintenance of all its means of communication, Laurentius Coaching cannot guarantee that the information provided is complete, current and/or accurate. The Buyer/Client hereby unconditionally and irrevocably waives its right to compensation for any direct or indirect damage that has arisen, arises or will arise through the use of the data, unless there is intent or intention on the part of Laurentius Coaching. equivalent gross negligence.
f. The websites of third parties referred to on our means of communication are not checked, created and/or maintained by Laurentius Coaching. Laurentius Coaching therefore does not accept any liability for the content of these referred sites.
g. The content of the website, app system and community is protected by copyright, trademark law and other intellectual property rights. No part of this website, or its contents, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or made public in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, by photocopying, recording or in any other way, without prior written permission from Laurentius Coaching.
h. The further Privacy Policy is further explained in the Privacy & Cookie Policy on the website (

a. A Buyer/Client must report a complaint with regard to any performance of Laurentius Coaching to Laurentius Coaching as soon as possible after the defect or damage has been discovered, and at the latest within 14 days after the Buyer/Client has received the defects or damage. detected. The complaint can only be submitted to Laurentius Coaching to
b. The complaint must be fully and clearly described and accompanied by any means of evidence.
c. Laurentius Coaching will answer the complaint submitted by the Buyer/Client as soon as possible, but at the latest within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the complaint. If Laurentius Coaching expects to need a longer period of time to process the complaint, Laurentius Coaching will notify the Customer/Client of this immediately by e-mail after it has been established.
d. If the complaint cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, a dispute will arise in accordance with sector 12 of these General Terms and Conditions

a. It is only possible to deviate from the General Terms and Conditions if this is confirmed in writing via Laurentius Coaching.
b. Dutch law applies to this agreement.
c. Disputes arising from this agreement, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, are limited to the civil court competent in the location of the coach/therapist who is authorized to take cognizance of disputes. Laurentius Coaching, Wieken 85, 1633 GV, Avenhorn.